Brent Zimmerman for House District 16

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Welcome to my campaign website. I am Brent Zimmerman and I am running for State House District 16, which covers parts of Layton and Clearfield. You may vote for me in the general election on November 6, 2018.

Political Philosophy

I favor personal liberty and the minimum government necessary to maintain a free society. My political opinions are based on libertarian values and sound reasoning, not on opinion polls. My political views closely align with the platform of the Libertarian Party of Utah.

The purpose of my campaign is to give Utah voters and politicians a reality check. These are the realities as I see them:

  • We live in a one-party system. When I was in school I was shocked to learn that the Soviet Union had a one-party system. The reality is that in Utah we have a de facto one-party system. The Utah Republican Party controls all five statewide offices and holds a supermajority in the Utah House of Representatives and the Utah State Senate. Republicans also hold both of the state's U.S. Senate seats and two of the state's three U.S. House seats. Regardless of your opinion of the Republican Party, you must agree that it is never a good idea to give one party absolute control of the state government.
  • Our schools have fundamental problems. Education is a top priority among voters, and rightfully so. Despite several attempts at improving our schools, including a large increase in spending, school performance has remained unchanged. The problem is that the system is fundamentally flawed and spending more money or tinkering with educational objectives won't change it much. What is needed is to offer educational choice through vouchers or tuition tax credits. Giving parents the power to send their children to whichever school they consider best will inspire all schools to be better.
  • The war on drugs is an embarrassing failure. Drugs are such a terrible problem that it seems like we have to do something. But ask yourself this: If my loved one had a serious addiction, how should the government help? I think the last thing you would expect the government to do is to lock up your loved one for years, surrounded by criminals. Yet, that is exactly what the government too often does to drug addicts. It doesn't work and we need a better approach.


March 15 - It's official: I'm running for office again. I filed as a candidate for State House District 16.

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